All About Mercedes-Benz Bounce Mode

Mercedes-Benz Bounce Mode

Mercedes-Benz leads the automotive world when it comes to innovation and advancements. The brand continuously pushes the boundaries to redefine luxury, comfort and driveability. That said, even the ultimate off-roaders of the brand are equipped with cutting-edge technological features like the bounce mode. It is an advanced feature which allows drivers to recover their vehicle while driving on tough terrains. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Mercedes-Benz bounce mode and elaborate on what it brings to the table for off-roaders.

The most interesting fact about Mercedes-Benz is that nearly all the vehicles have an independent suspension system, increasing comfort and driveability. That said, with the introduction of bounce mode, Mercedes has taken the technological advancements to the next level. 

The Mercedes-Benz jumping mode is a recovery feature that uses the E-Active Body Control (ABC) suspension system to move the car up and down. The movement creates a bounce, allowing vehicles to easily retrieve from sand or snow without any assistance.

Mercedes-Benz cars with bounce mode features are equipped with an E-ABC suspension system. The E-ABC is a type of air suspension system that can adjust the length of struts according to the requirement.

The E-ABC suspension system uses different motion sensors to detect the terrain. According to the terrain, the length of each strut is adjusted as minute as ten milliseconds. When in recovery mode, the struts of the suspension are continuously adjusted, creating a bouncing movement in the car. That said, the bounce provides traction to the car, helping vehicles to recover from rough terrains. 

Mercedes’ bounce mode can be easily activated using the MBUX screen. Here are the steps to activate Mercedes-Benz bounce mode. 

To use jumping mode, turning on Off-Roading driving mode is necessary, which is only available under the speed of 113 km/h. 

Different Mercedes-Benz SUVs have bouncing modes, including the iconic GLS and GLE. Moreover, the Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 is also equipped with the bouncing mode. 

Mercedes introduces bounce mode to assist drivers on rough terrains. The bounce created by the suspension system allows the driver to recover the vehicle from sand and snow without assistance. 

The adjustable E-ABC suspension system of Mercedes adjusts each strut individually, creating dancing movement in the car. 

This was all about Mercedes-Benz bounce mode, and it’s working. The Mercedes’ bounce mode is an advanced recovery feature that allows drivers to manoeuvre on any type of terrain. Aside from recovery, the adjustable suspensions also increase comfort and driveability. If you are also interested in availing yourself of these features, browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and buy your very own off-roading SUV. 

Besides, here are some of the most popular used Mercedes-Benz cars in the UAE that you can consider. 

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