Why Won’t My Car Brake Lights Turn Off?

why won't my car brake lights turn off

Brake lights are a crucial safety feature in any vehicle, signalling to other drivers that you are slowing down or coming to a stop. However, it can be quite concerning when your car brake lights won’t turn off even after releasing the brake pedal. This issue not only poses a potential safety risk but can also drain your vehicle’s battery if left unaddressed. Let’s find out the causes and fixes of why your car brake lights won’t turn off. 

Brake lights operate through a brake light switch connected to the brake pedal. When you press the brake, the circuit is completed and the lights illuminate. However, modern cars use a Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus system, sending encoded signals to a control module when the brake pedal is pressed. 

Now that you know how brake lights work, let’s look at the causes of malfunctioned brake lights.

Brake lights can malfunction due to multiple factors. Let’s explore them and their potential fixes.

Any hardware or software issue in the CAN Bus system is a common cause of malfunctioning brake lights. 

It is better to seek professional assistance to fix the CAN Bus system issues as it is a complex system.

Issues like blown fuses, faulty wiring or damaged connections can keep the brake lights on. Moreover, a poor ground connection can cause the brake lights to stay illuminated. 

Inspect electrical connections, look for loose wires and consult a technician for specialised diagnostics. Also, check and clean ground connections associated with the brake lights.

An uncommon cause of brake lights not turning off is a malfunctioning brake light switch that can keep the lights on continuously. 

Inspect the brake light switch for any obstructions or signs of wear. Moreover, check for a failed switch and replace it with a new one.

Light pressure on the brakes, especially with automatic transmissions, can trigger the brake lights. 

Avoid resting your foot on the brake pedal when not needed.

Inspect the tail light circuit board for wear or damage, as malfunctions can keep the brake lights on. 

Consider professional inspection for a damaged tail light circuit board. If found beyond repair, replacement might be needed.

A misaligned brake pedal or switch is one of causes of car brake light not turning off, when the pedal is released.

Adjust the position of the brake pedal or switch to ensure proper alignment. This will allow the switch to engage and disengage correctly and turn off the brake lights.

The brake light relay is responsible for sending the signal to illuminate the brake lights. Therefore, a malfunction in the relay can result in the car brake lights to stay on. Moreover, it can also result in illuminating brake warning light on the car dashboard.

Test the relay and replace it if it’s found to be faulty. To find all your car problems at once, you can book an inspection appointment with dubizzle cars and get a detailed inspection report after process completion.

A damaged or incorrectly installed brake light bulb can cause a constant electrical connection, keeping the lights on.

Inspect the brake light bulbs for damage or improper installation. In case you find the lights damaged, try changing the brake light bulbs with new ones.

Ignoring brake light issues can lead to various problems, such as:

The UAE puts great emphasis on the importance of car lights and mandates its proper usage. There are multiple fines of driving a vehicle with impaired lights, for instance, if the lights of your vehicle are not working properly, you may incur a fine of AED 400 and 6 black points.

Brake light bulbs typically last around 1,000 to 3,000 hours. However, it is advisable to check them regularly and replace them as soon as they show signs of wear or burnout. Inspecting the brake lights is often a part of the car maintenance checklist. 

Brake light bulb replacement is usually a straightforward DIY task. However, if you’re unsure or uncomfortable doing it, seeking professional assistance is always an option.

Changing a brake light involves disassembling the rear fascia, removing the brake light assembly and replacing bulbs or connectors, if necessary. However, it is advised to always consult a trusted mechanic if you’re unsure about any brake light problems. Here are some car testing centres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other emirates to help you diagnose your car problems. 

That’s a wrap-up on why car brake lights won’t turn off. While it can be frustrating, understanding the potential causes of a malfunctioned car brake light helps you address the issue effectively. 

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For more on car parts and accessories, stay tuned to the dubizzle auto blog.

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