All About 360° Camera in Car

360° camera in cars

Technological advancements have significantly contributed to evolving the automotive industry. Brands are now focused on embedding efficient convenience and safety features in vehicles. The prime example of such features in modern vehicles is the 360° camera also known as the surround-view camera. The 360° camera provides a complete view of the vehicle’s surroundings aiding in parking and manoeuvring through cramped spaces. 

Here are all the details regarding the 360° camera for cars and what it brings to the table for the users. 

A 360-degree camera for cars provides a complete and real-time view of the surroundings. It is a complete system consisting of four to six cameras installed at different locations. Usually, the cameras are installed at the rear and front bumpers, side mirrors and on the roof. 

Now that you are aware of the 360° camera in cars, let’s move towards its types and working. 

Mentioned below are different types of 360-degree cameras for cars.

The 360° car cameras work according to the position of the gear lever. When the gear level is moved to ‘Reverse’ the front and rear view cameras are activated displaying the areas on the screen. However, when the lever is shifted to ‘Park’, ‘Neutral’, or ‘Drive’ all the cameras are activated providing a complete view of the surrounding. That said, cameras can be activated or deactivated manually, as per the requirement. 

Generally, the 360° video camera for car displays the surrounding view on the infotainment screen and has a grid and warning lines. Moreover, drivers can also zoom in on the video to focus on a specific area. 

Following are the benefits of 360° cameras in cars.

The 360° cameras for cars can be installed aftermarket with the help of kits. These kits available in the market include 2 to 4 cameras and a controller to link cameras with the car’s infotainment system. However, here are a few things to consider prior to buying an aftermarket 360° camera kit. 

Make sure the camera kit is compatible with the car’s make, model and other features. In certain cases, additional accessories are also required along with the kit. You can browse through these used auto accessories for sale in the UAE and choose from an array of spare parts for your car. 

Usually, the picture quality of aftermarket cameras is lower than the company-fitted ones. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for a camera with better image quality. 

Select a surround-view camera with additional features like the grid and warning lights. These lines aid in parking and also reduce collision chances.  

Disclaimer: Before installing aftermarket cameras, make sure it complies with the UAE’s car modification rules and regulations. 

The aftermarket 360° car camera kits can range between AED 350 to AED 1000. 

Yes, the 360-degree car camera is useful in parking, manoeuvring through tight spaces and it can also reduce collision chances. 

The 360° camera is a set of 4 different cameras installed at the rear bumper, front bumper and side mirrors. The position and number of cameras can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 

This was all about 360° cameras in cars. Advanced technological features like 360° camera not only help in driving but also increase the overall safety. That said, if you are driving a vehicle without modern car safety features, it’s time to switch. You can browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE and opt for a car with advanced features. 

Besides, if you are planning to DIY car cameras, here is how to install a rearview car camera. 

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