Modify Your Ride: Car Customisation Shops in Dubai

Car Customisation Shops in Dubai

Vehicle modification has long been a favourite hobby for many car enthusiasts. Such hobbyists are very particular about how their cars look and perform. A few tweaks in the exterior and interior can be made to achieve the desired personal touch. Furthermore, vehicle customisation can go beyond cosmetic touch-ups, such as tuning engines or tweaking suspension. However, all such modifications must be approved by the UAE authorities to avoid any fines or penalties. For safe and optimal results, motorists can visit these well-reviewed car customisation shops in Dubai.

Building a project car in the UAE may involve a host of technicalities, which require an expert approach. However, with diverse experience and expertise, these car modification shops in Dubai can achieve the desired results.

Disclaimer: This list of the top car customisation shops in Dubai is based on Google ratings. We suggest you conduct thorough research before opting for a customisation shop for your car.

Royal Customs is a popular luxury car customisation shop in Dubai with expertise in car upholstery. According to the workshop’s official website, Royal Customs have been serving the industry for the past 15 years. Moreover, they have a boutique and offer a range of high-end upholstery collections for car customisation in Dubai.

Interior customisation, thematic upholstery upgrade, aftermarket luxury features installation and exterior customisation, among other similar services.

From installing car ambient lighting to exterior detailing, Car OMG is among some well-reviewed car custom shops in Dubai. Besides customisation, this workshop offers different types of car accessories and equipment.

Car wrapping, interior lighting, auto accessories, car upholstery installation, car upholstery detailing and body kit installation.

Those looking for vehicle enhancement in Dubai for their off-roaders can head over to RK Custom. This auto workshop has a myriad of accessories to facilitate different aspects of off-roading in the UAE. RK Customs even have sections for accessories and parts for different vehicles. From long travel suspension to off-road lights, the shop has a variety of products and services.

Sixtyseven Auto Service is another workshop offering a reliable car customisation service in Dubai. With a primary focus on vehicle restoration, this workshop has completed hundreds of projects, according to its website. Such a facility can also be visited for classic car maintenance and restoration in Dubai. 

As the name implies, the Masters Modification Centre is another workshop offering a plethora of auto modification services in Dubai. From car interior detailing to eye-catching exterior customisation, this workshop has expert technicians for various tasks. 

Car repairing, washing (contactless options available), interior/exterior customisation and detailing, wrapping and paint protection film, among other services.

The versatility of expertise and services offered make Style My Car a popular option for vehicle enhancement in Dubai. From headlight restoration to complete paint job, motorists can opt for this workshop for wide-ranging vehicle modification solutions. According to Style My Car’s website, the auto workshop has catered to many famous car makes and models. 

Car wrap, exterior graphics, headlight restoration and modification, window tinting and stone chip repair, among other services.

Whether someone’s looking to pamper their luxury or exotic car, they can visit the Performance Tuning LLC workshop. From paint protection to window tinting, this workshop offers a range of services. 

As its website claims, Performance Tuning LLC has served many vehicles from top-notch auto brands. It is a well-reviewed name for luxury and exotic car customisation in Dubai.

Hobbyists looking to pimp their rides with accessories or body kit installation in Dubai can visit DS2 Automotives. This workshop also offers cosmetic upgrades, such as paint protection film and forged wheels. Once a car is aesthetically tuned up, alloy rim protectors can be installed to protect wheels from wear and tear. 

Offering a variety of performance upgrade services, Slick Custom Auto is among the car modification specialists in Dubai. Besides offering cosmetics and performance upgrades in Dubai, the auto workshop also offers engine swap services. However, it’s important to be aware of this engine swap checklist for safe and optimal outcomes.

Engine swaps, performance tuning, preventive maintenance, brake repair and upgrades, oil servicing, exterior makeover and air suspension, among other services.

Another known name in the realm of Dubai car detailing and customisation is Royal Tech Autos. The workshop offers a myriad of auto repair, tuning and body shop services. The website of Royal Tech Autos claims to serve top-tier luxury car brands, such as Mercedes, BMW, etc. The experts of this workshop can also cater to handmade luxury cars. 

The aforementioned places are popular in the Dubai car tuning scene. Besides, motorists can visit these well-reviewed car garages in Dubai for general maintenance and mechanical repairs.

There are different ways of customising a car. For instance, putting on headlight covers, using car stickers, vinyl and even swapping engines or tuning suspension. However, all such Dubai automotive upgrades are subject to law.

Yes, old and classic automobiles can get exterior and interior car customisation in Dubai. However, it is necessary to register a vintage car in the UAE before taking it for a spin. 

Yes, you can customise a car in Dubai. That said, for every intended vehicle modification, the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (EMSA) approvals are required. Car customisation without necessary approvals can lead to an AED 1,000 fine with 12 black points.

There you have it – a guide to Dubai’s car customisation shops known for their diverse experience and services. For the sake of improving aerodynamics and looks, some people also prefer lowering their cars. However, for safe cruising, the person behind the wheel must know these tips to drive a lowered car. 

Those looking for daily drivers or vehicles for their customisation hobby can buy used cars in the UAE. There are plenty of pre-owned options to choose from to get a value-for-money deal.

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