How to Check Your Gearbox Oil Level

checking the gearbox oil level

A gearbox has several moving parts coming into contact with each other. Fluid helps reduce the friction between those moving parts. Besides, the gearbox oil reduces the wear and tear of the parts. However, this only happens if the car has the correct gearbox fluid level.

Similar to engine oil, gearbox oil has its importance. For that reason, one must learn about checking the gearbox oil level and how to maintain it. 

Here is the detailed procedure for checking transmission fluid level and its draining and filling method.

Transmission fluid level is very important alongside the quality and colour of the fluid. The fluid level helps lubricate the moving parts. Besides, it keeps the transmission temperature cool.

Let’s go through the complete details about checking the gearbox oil level, but first, learn about why you should be checking the transmission fluid level. 

The main reasons for checking the gearbox oil level are the following:

Furthermore, you must check the transmission fluid when the engine is running. It will help determine the accurate fluid level. Plus, you can get an idea of heat dissipation. 

One of the common problems of gearboxes is the oil level. Modern cars solve this issue by recommending an oil change after achieving mileage. That said, checking the automatic transmission fluid level is still imminent. The following factors cause low gearbox oil levels:

While low oil level causes lots of issues, high transmission fluid levels can also lead to gear-shifting issues. For instance, symptoms of excessive transmission fluid include gear slippage or odd noises.

The checking of the gearbox oil level becomes essential because low transmission fluid level can pose the following symptoms: 

When following the car maintenance checklist, you must check the gearbox oil level alongside other fluid levels. Here is how to check the gearbox oil level:

You should check your transmission fluid level every month or every 1500 kilometres to ensure proper maintenance and prevent potential issues. Besides checking the gearbox oil level, you must determine the colour, as it will help determine if the fluid is contaminated. You must learn more details about when to change the transmission fluid.

If your gearbox oil is low, you may notice symptoms such as difficulty shifting gears, strange noises during gear changes and transmission slipping. Checking the fluid level can help prevent these issues.

To check the quality of gear oil, you can inspect its colour, smell and texture. Healthy gear oil is transparent or amber in colour, with no significant darkening or cloudiness. Besides, if the oil appears dark, gritty or has a burnt odour, it requires replacement. 

Checking the gearbox oil level is essential to ensure optimal performance. When you buy a used car in the UAE, you must inspect the vehicle thoroughly. You can also take advantage of the dubizzle Cars Inspection services.

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