Car Headlight Buying Guide

headlight buying guide

Car headlights evolved significantly in the previous decades, to ensure maximum safety of the drivers. Ranging from halogen to laser ones, drivers can choose from a myriad of options. That said, multiple options often make the car headlight buying process a daunting task. Moreover, checking legal compliance and compatibility is also necessary which adds to the hassle.

For your convenience, here we have mentioned a detailed car headlight buying guide that will help you in the process.  

Following are the different types of car headlamps that you can choose from. 

As evident from the name, the reflector headlamp uses a reflective surface to direct the light. This reflective surface controls the light pattern, securing other drivers from high-intensity beams. These lights are usually inexpensive and are larger.

The composite headlamp is equipped with a lens, reflector and filament, all positioned in different units. That said, this arrangement allows the driver to change only the defective part, rather than changing the car headlight completely. 

The sealed beam headlamp is equipped with a bulb positioned in front of the lens. The whole headlamp is sealed and a single part can not be replaced. 

The projector headlamp uses cutoffs and lenses resulting in a sharper beam with reduced glare. This latest type of headlamp is usually more expensive than others. 

The H4 headlamp contains a single lens and a reflector that can generate high and low beams. The dual-functionality excludes the requirement of separate headlamp units for different beams. 

Now that you are aware of the types of headlamps, let’s move towards different types of car headlights. 

A halogen bulb is equipped with a tungsten that produces light through heat that is yellow-white. Halogen bulb has a moderate lifespan and is one of the most commonly used headlight bulbs.  

LED bulbs produce a white beam which increases visibility. These bulbs are usually brighter and inexpensive, unlike others. Moreover, LED bulbs are also durable offering longer lifespan. 

High-intensity Discharge (HID) lights use Xenon gas to produce a white beam; therefore, HID bulbs are also known as Xenon bulbs. The bulb produces brighter light and consumes only 35 to 40 watts. 

Laser bulbs are the latest type of headlight bulbs that use photons to produce beams. The laser bulbs produce high-intensity light and use only a fraction of energy. 

To know about the complete journey of headlight bulbs, read through our blog on car headlight evolution. 

To buy a car headlight, the following steps need to be catered. 

The first step in the car headlight buying process is to refer to the car owner’s manual. The user manual provides all the information regarding the headlights and bulbs that are compatible with the vehicle.

Next is to evaluate your driving conditions and environment. If you drive frequently at night, high-power headlights are required. Similarly, consider the environmental factors. For instance; UAE residents should opt for a headlight that produces less heat, as the weather is already harsh. 

Once you have filtered out the options, it’s time to consider the durability. Make sure the headlight and bulb are from a reputed manufacturer and have a warranty. Manually check the bulb and details mentioned on the plastic base. 

The brightness of a car headlight is measured in lumen, the higher the lumen the better the brightness. Ideally, the brightness of the headlight should be between 6,000 to 10,000 lumens. 

The colour temperature reflects the colour of the car headlight ranging from yellow to blue. The recommended colour temperature range is around 600k.  

For car headlight buying, you can opt for the nearest store selling spare parts. Here is the list of places to buy car spare parts in Dubai that you can consider. 

Besides, if you are planning to buy a used one, browse through these used auto accessories for sale in the UAE available on dubizzle. 

Here is a list of things to consider when buying car headlights in the UAE. 

The right beam pattern ensures that the headlight beam is projected at the required place. There are different types of beam patterns including low beam, high beam and fog beam. 

A cooling system is required to reduce excessive heat generated by the headlights. For conventional headlights, a passive cooling system is required. Whereas, for high-performance headlights, an active cooling system is recommended. 

The next thing to consider in the car headlight buying guide is the installation process. Make sure the installation process is convenient and can be DIYed. 

A number of headlights are illegal to be used in the UAE. For instance, using aftermarket xenon headlights is illegal in the Emirates. Therefore, it is recommended to check the legal compliance prior to initiating the car headlight buying process. 

Besides, here are some more details regarding the importance of headlights in the UAE. 

Mentioned below are some symptoms that indicate car headlight replacement. 

The fine for a headlight not working in UAE is AED 500 with 4 black points.

No, aftermarket Xenon lights are illegal in the Emirates. 

The cost of a car headlight varies depending on multiple factors. It can range anywhere between AED 50 to AED 250.  

This was the complete car headlight buying guide. Driving a car without headlights in UAE is not only legal but can also be a safety hazard. Therefore, it is suggested to change car headlights immediately when they malfunction. That said, when buying a used car for sale in the UAE make sure it has functioning and legal headlights to avoid hassle. 

Besides, adhere to the car headlight maintenance checklist to prolong its lifespan. 

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s auto blog for more information on car headlights.

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