Where to Service Your Hybrid Car in the UAE

list of hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE

Hybrid cars are a combination of a traditional internal combustion engine with an electric propulsion system, resulting in better fuel efficiency and lower emissions compared to conventional vehicles. Several luxury brands such as BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi offer hybrid models. Although these vehicles typically require less maintenance than purely fuel-powered cars due to features like regenerative braking, regular upkeep and repairs are still necessary. We’ve put together a list of popular hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE to help you keep your vehicle in top condition.

Many centres are providing hybrid car repair services in the UAE. Let’s go through them in detail.

Disclaimer: The following list of hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE is based on Google rankings. We recommend conducting thorough research before choosing any of the companies mentioned below for your hybrid car maintenance.

Dubai is home to several centres that offer hybrid car maintenance services. Here are a few notable options:

Hybridtek specialises in hybrid batteries, offering sales, repair and reconditioning services. The company caters to a wide range of hybrid vehicles, including those from Toyota, Lexus and Nissan. They provide genuine, aftermarket and reconditioned batteries, ensuring high-quality repairs with advanced equipment and trained technicians. Hybridtek also has a growing network of distribution partners across the GCC and Asia Pacific​.

Besides, here are the top hybrid cars in the UAE.

This platform connects users with a network of certified garages and service centres across the UAE. They provide competitive quotes for various car services, including hybrid vehicle maintenance. PitStopArabia simplifies the process of finding local garages and offers a wide range of services from regular maintenance to complex repairs. Their network ensures that users can find the best local garage for their specific needs​.

The company is also among places to buy tyres in Dubai.

Located in Dubai, The Car Lab offers comprehensive auto repair services, including for hybrid cars. They provide engine repair, battery issues resolution and routine maintenance. Known for its high-quality service and state-of-the-art facilities, The Car Lab caters to a variety of vehicle brands and ensures precision with its advanced tools and certified staff​. Besides, here are some tips for choosing the best car repair shop.

Hybrid Garage in Dubai is a specialised service centre catering to European and Japanese hybrid vehicles. This centre is known for its expert mechanics and comprehensive maintenance services tailored for hybrid cars. Hybrid Garage provides a wide range of services including regular maintenance and servicing of hybrid vehicles, hybrid car battery diagnostics and replacement services. They also offer repair and servicing of electric propulsion systems, regenerative braking system maintenance and general mechanical repairs and diagnostics.

The company offers hybrid car services. They are well-equipped to handle a variety of hybrid vehicle needs, providing hybrid car maintenance and repair services. Their expertise covers multiple high-end brands including Range Rover, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota. Orange Auto uses genuine OEM parts and has skilled technicians with the latest technology to ensure high-quality service for all makes and models. Here is the difference between OEM and aftermarket car parts. The company operates from two locations in Dubai. 

Radiant Car Workshop in Dubai does offer services for hybrid vehicles. The workshop is well-equipped with advanced diagnostic tools and employs experienced technicians who handle both mechanical and electrical repairs efficiently. In addition to hybrid maintenance, the company offers various type of car services in Dubai.

The Mechanic Auto Center provides a comprehensive range of auto repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for various car brands, including hybrids. Their offerings include general mechanical and electrical repairs, professional computer diagnostics and reprogramming. Additionally, they provide services such as vehicle alignment, oil changes, full vehicle inspections and brake system repairs. Here are some common car brake problems.

Abu Dhabi consists of service centres that offer maintenance and repair services for hybrid cars. Let’s go through the popular ones in detail:

The company offers specialised services for hybrid vehicles, including battery replacement and general maintenance. Here are signs to replace a car’s battery.

This service centre in Abu Dhabi does offer hybrid car services. They are equipped to handle a range of hybrid vehicle maintenance and repair needs.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services to address common hybrid car problems, including engine repair and replacement for hybrid engines. They utilise advanced tools and methods to ensure top-notch service.

This is another known company in the list of hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE. Liberty Car Care provides a full suite of car repair services, including mechanical and electrical repairs and specialises in servicing hybrid vehicles. They also offer a wide range of maintenance services, ensuring your hybrid car runs smoothly.

Known for servicing German, American and British cars, the company also handles hybrid car maintenance. They offer a range of services for hybrid cars in the UAE from basic oil changes to complex mechanical overhauls. The company is also among the popular car garages in Abu Dhabi.

In Sharjah, several hybrid car maintenance centres offer a range of services for hybrid vehicles. Here are a few notable ones. 

The company offers general car maintenance, electrical repairs, air conditioning services, body repair, denting and painting and quick lube services.

This company is also among the known hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE. Services offered include general car repair and maintenance services for hybrid and fuel-powered vehicles.

Al Marbath also offers comprehensive car maintenance and repair services.

Notable centres include HybridTek Dubai, PitStopArabia, The Car Lab Auto Repair and Orange Auto. These centres offer specialised services for hybrid vehicles.

Yes, hybrid cars generally require less maintenance due to features like regenerative braking. However, regular upkeep is still necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Yes, Abu Dhabi has several centres such as S R Hybrid Auto Repair Workshop and Crypto Auto Service Center that specialise in hybrid vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Yes, notable centres in Sharjah include Dhanya Auto Care Centre LLC and AutoTrust Multibrand Car Service Center, among others. They provide a range of services for hybrid vehicles.

Those were some prominent hybrid car maintenance centres in the UAE. These centres are well-equipped to handle the specific needs of hybrid vehicles, providing services such as battery replacement, general maintenance and specialised repairs. Besides, if your vehicle is not starting, here is how to jumpstart your hybrid car. Those looking to buy one, here are the upcoming hybrid cars to look for in 2024.

Stay tuned to dubizzle’s cars blog for more on different service and maintenance centres in the UAE. 

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