Common Causes of Car Breakdowns in Summer

Causes of Car Breakdowns in Summer

Witnessing the majestic sights in a personal vehicle can be an enthralling experience during summer. However, the scorching sun can take a toll on vehicles if not maintained properly. For instance, the vehicle can break down mid-journey and leave the passengers stranded in unknown territory. It is therefore important to know the reasons for car breakdowns in summer to be better prepared for the trips. We have compiled a list of some common causes of car breakdowns in summer. This can help drivers ensure hassle-free trips during the hot season.

Driving in the summer requires some extra considerations. Particularly, in regions such as the UAE where temperatures tend to be higher most of the year. Several car problems due to excessive heat may emerge during the summer months. Lack of maintenance or prolonged exposure to heat can all cause issues.

However, car breakdowns are perhaps the biggest issue. Mainly, if the vehicle shuts down in a remote location. Knowledge about common breakdown causes can help avoid this issue. Let’s learn about the common reasons why cars break down in the summer and ways to avoid them.

A vehicle’s cooling system goes through extra strain during hot weather. Consequently, the engine gets hotter than usual. The heat takes a toll on engine components. Additionally, already worn-out parts can give up in this condition and lead to overheating. Some common reasons for car overheating include leaked seals and faulty radiators.

Before setting off for the journey, take a look at the components. Check out the condition of the seals. Moreover, look out for signs of wear and tear on the hoses, water pump and radiators. Furthermore, it is important to check out the coolant levels. The engine’s coolant needs to be changed as per manufacturer guidelines. Also, driving with low coolant levels is a major cause of engine overheating. Be sure to avoid it at all times.

Irregular tyre pressure is also among the common car breakdown causes. Excess heat increases the tyre pressure. If the pressure increases above the prescribed level, this can lead to a burst. Moreover, irregular pressure can cause premature wear in tyres.

Roads tend to become hotter in the summer, putting more stress on tyres when driving. Therefore, it is important to drive with optimal tyre pressure. Check the owner’s manual to determine the right tyre pressure for your vehicle.

A faulty or dead battery is also among the causes of car breakdowns in summer. Extreme temperatures put the battery under strain. Consequently, battery fluids can evaporate after prolonged exposure to heat.

To avoid such issues, inspect the car battery before the trip. Additionally, replace the battery if you come across any issues. Ensure maintenance of the car battery to avoid any related issues.

Low oil pressure can also lead to car breakdowns in the summer. Hot conditions impact the viscosity of oil by making it thinner. This can lead to premature wear on engine components and at times lead to breakdown.

Be sure to check the engine oil levels at all times. Particularly, before setting off for a long trip. Do not let the engine oil levels drop beyond the recommended level. Moreover, ensure proper engine oil viscosity to avoid car issues.

Damaged brakes are unsafe to drive with. Similarly, low fluid levels can prevent the brakes from stopping a vehicle. Heat can pace up brake deterioration in a car. Also, it can affect the brake fluid levels.

Therefore, be sure to inspect the car brakes before all trips. Check the brake fluid levels as well. Always drive with functional brakes to ensure driver and passenger safety.

Engine overheating is possibly the greatest cause of car breakdowns in summer. Heat can impact engine components and oil levels. Consequently, the vehicle can come to a halt. Besides overheating, some other common causes of summer car breakdowns include worn-out car brakes, low engine oil and irregular tyre pressure.

Yes, heat can cause devastating effects on a vehicle. For instance, premature deterioration of parts. Faults in key components if unattended can lead to breakdowns.

Summer heat can be lethal for a vehicle. Particularly, prolonged exposure to heat can cause some major issues. Some of the most common summer car breakdown problems such as overheating happen because of heat.

These are all the common causes of car breakdowns in summer. The hot months can put a fair amount of strain on the vehicle. This can at times lead to car breakdown. Consequently, the trip can suffer a setback. Here are some UAE roadside emergency tips to tackle this situation efficiently.

The chances of a car breaking down are low if the vehicle is properly maintained. Here’s a guide on how to prepare your car for summer to avoid the consequences of the hot weather.

A vehicle in pristine condition is less likely to encounter any problems. Browse through these used cars for sale in the UAE if you are on the lookout for a good vehicle.

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